Pictures of the House of Horrors at Rocky Point Park in Warwick, Rhode Island

(taken before the 1996 auction of the park. A rare peek inside a dark ride with the lights on!)

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* 1st ten pictures of House of Horrors courtesy of John Malone (thanks John!)
* last picture of House of Horrors courtesy of Bill Luca (thanks Bill!)

Pictures of various dark rides around the country

Kooky Kastle - Paragon Park, Hull, MA (park torn down)

Laff In The Dark - Crystal Beach, Ontario (park torn down)

Laff In The Dark - Riverside Park, Agawam, MA (ride replaced with taco stand)

Laff In The Dark - Rye Playland, NY (now has revamped front)

Monster Ride - Lincoln Park, North Dartmouth, MA (park torn down)

Pirate's Den - Lincoln Park, North Dartmouth, MA (park torn down)

Riverboat - Crescent Park, RI (park torn down)

Witch Castle - Salisbury Beach, MA (ride torn down)

Haunted Castle - Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Panama City Beach, FL (remodeled exterior)

Treasureland - Tampa, FL (status unknown)

brochure to Treasureland - Tampa, FL

* various dark ride pictures courtesy of Bill Luca & Tim Hollis (thanks Bill & Tim!)

Pictures of Tales of the Okefenokee (dismantled in 1980) at Six Flags Over Georgia

by clicking on a scene, you will not only be able to see that scene, but you will also be able to hear the sound to it!

SCENE 1 - CROW QUARTET. This was the first diorama to be seen. The four hillbilly crows greet visitors with a foot-stompin' song ("Welcome, neighbor, welcome to the Okefenokee/Welcome, neighbor, welcome, you shorely made our day......").

SCENE 2 - FISHING SCENE. Brer Rabbit does a little fishin' here. Apparently the swamp's fishing hole is located in the ruins of a former plantation home.

(the rest of SCENE 2)

SCENE 3 - WASHBOARD BAND. The rabbits and their friends play a tune using washboards, pot lids, toilet plungers, moonshine jugs, and other utensils.

SCENE 4 - SINGING CARROTS. Located on the left hand side of the trough, facing the washboard band.

SCENE 5 - RABBIT IN THE SACK. Brer Fox chuckles evilly as Brer Rabbit's head pops in and out of the sack. A chicken held captive in Brer Bear's house (in the background) screams for help.

SCENE 6 - GHOST SCENE. The owls have rescued Brer Rabbit by distracting the fox & bear with their impersonation of a flying ghost. The two miscreants cringe as the appartion floats over their heads.

SCENE 7 - PUPPETS. Two of the rabbit children (only one of whom is visible in this blurred shot) put on a puppet show using goofy-looking marionettes of Brer Fox & Brer Bear.

SCENE 8 - MILKING SCENE. Brer Rabbit corners Miz Cow and gives her the works while all of his many kids help out.

SCENE 9 - ARSENAL SCENE. Things get eerie now. Inside a dark cave, we discover the secret arsenal of the fox and bear, who are firing at us with their rifles.

SCENE 10 - GO BACK! Our boat starts up a steep incline, where the fox & bear are swinging lanterns and warning us not to proceed.

SCENE 11 - BRIAR PATCH IN STORM SEQUENCE. Bats circle overhead, while a huge tree with a ghastly face lurches forward as if to fall onto the boat. Snakes hang from every tree.

SCENE 12 - CHRISTMAS SCENE. Brer Rabbit & family celebrate the holidays.

SCENE 13 - FROG POND. Brer Fox & Brer Bear have ended up sitting soggily in the mill pond.

SCENE 14 - LAUGHING PLACE. Brer Rabbit sends an angry swarm after his two antagonists.

(the rest of SCENE 14) The two fear-crazed criminals are making tracks for the high country.


SCENE 16 - SINGING WATERMELONS. These guys were on the ground next to a rare form of plant, the watermelon tree.

SCENE 17 - THE END. The jolly sun laughs with glee at the fun below. Below and to the left is Miz Rabbit, waving and cooing, "Ya'll come back now, y'hear?"

* pictures, sound, and descriptions courtesy of Tim Hollis (thanks Tim!)

Pictures of Speelunkers Cave at Six Flags Over Texas (now a Bugs Bunny theme ride)

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

* pictures courtesy of Tim Hollis (thanks Tim!)

Pictures of Monster Plantation (Tales of the Okefenokee's present-day incarnation) at Six Flags Over Georgia

photo 1 - the stereotyped Southern sheriff, "Marshal Billy Bob Fritter," warns everyone to stay inside the boat, and to "keep out of the marsh"

photo 2 - part of one long, continuous scene showing countless monsters having a picnic in the plantation's back yard

photo 3 - two old sots get drunk in the cemetery while singing "Dixie"

photo 4

photo 5 - the plantation's owner, "Mizzy Scarlett," welcomes everyone

photo 6 - the monsters' combo blows up some good ol' Dixieland jazz

photo 7

photo 8 - deep in the Monster Marsh, an ugly old mugly sudenly emerges, croaking, "HUMANS!!  HUMANS!!"

photo 9 - the sheriff and his lantern finally come to the rescue

photo 10 - entrance tunnel as viewed by boat

photo 11 - a monster nanny whispers to the baby in her carriage, "Don't be frightened, child... They're only humans"

photo 12 - another part of the extended picnic scene

photo 13

photo 14

* pictures and descriptions courtesy of Tim Hollis (thanks Tim!)

Pictures of Flight To Mars

photo 1 - at Palisades Amusement Park in the late 50's / early 60's

photo 2 - also at Palisades, this one appeared in place of the one in photo 1 around '65 and was there until the park closed in '71

photo 3 - a different model of this ride in Seattle, Washington

* pictures courtesy of Jim Bello (thanks Jim!)

When in Orlando, Florida visit Terror on Church Street!

Click here to go to their site

I was so impressed with this attraction that I had to send them a letter. Here is an excerpt from that letter:

Thursday, November 17, 1994

This past September I was on vacation in Florida and decided to check out your attraction "Terror On Church Street". For as long as I can remember I have always been a horror movie fan. When I was a young boy my parents would sometimes take me to amusement parks. My favorite rides were always the "dark house" rides. I often wondered what sort of attraction would be possible if someone who had the means wanted to really scare people. When I was in my teens I was lucky enough to get a chance to go to Disney World. I had heard that they had opened an attraction called "The Haunted Mansion" and was eager to see it. Needless to say, I was very impressed with what they were able to accomplish with the use of state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. I still wondered, however, what sort of attraction could be built that would scare those who visited it. I just wanted to let you know that your "Terror On Church Street" is that attraction. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is a horror fan such as myself who is planning on being in the Orlando area. I know that it will be at the top of my list of places to revisit when I'm in your area again!

I soon received a reply to my letter stating that they posted my letter so that all of their cast members (real people are part of this attraction) could read it!

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