From: Fred Savage
I rate your page as very cool and unique!!
The Haunted Mansion is an absolute blast and a creative marvel to behold! It's a must see!! Growing up I also remember going to a park called Ocean View Amusement Park in Norfolk, Va. You may remember it from the movie "Rollercoaster". Besides the coaster, the park had a "dark ride" called Tunnel Of Love. It featured a few scary moments, but most people went on it to make out. The ride and and the entire park were torn down after the filming of the movie in the 70's. Ride on Chuck!!!!
From: Bill Dunn
I rate your page as Impressive

I knew you would have a home page like this someday!! You were the one who turned me on to glow in the dark goop. Remember all the glow in the dark, creepy crawly creatures you could make with that stuff?

I've known you were a "dark rider" for years

From: Ian Paul
Greetings from the House of Frankenstein (my little palace of terror)
All the best in your quest for the "dark and scary"!
From: Cindy Marshall
I rate your page as a big 10!!!

I found your site on web ferret while looking for Brandon Kwaitek's stuff - glad I did! Your page is great, and so are your links. Thanks! Cindy

From: anonymous
I rate your page as very good

I love you letter to Terror on Church Street. Living in Orlando I have had the opportunity to see it for myself and I just absolutely love the place. My friends and I hang around there so much that the cast lovingly refers to us as the groupies. I have many friends that work there and they appreciate any praise for Terror. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about another who appears to love Terror as much as I do.

From: James Batts
I rate your page as 10

Great pages. Sounds like fun.

From: Tom Mack
I rate your page as a 10 out of 10!

What a great page! I have always been an amusement park fan and next to rollercoasters, dark rides are my favorites! I loved the pictures and sounds from "old" Wildwood. I can't believe you kept those sounds all these years! They bring back some great memories! Its too bad that there aren't more web pages on this topic that are as good as yours! Keep up the great work!

From: John Malone
I rate your page as A Terror-ific Ten!

I only wish I had more taken photos or recorded the sounds of my favorite "haunts" which have since left this world! The many New England parks of my childhood contained plenty of fun houses and dark rides. Although I may not be able to roll down the Magic Carpet in Lincoln Park's Fun House, cruise through the Congo or enter the Kooky Kastle through that giant skull's empty eye socket at Paragon Park, or pop out high over the midway from Rocky Point's Castle of Terror, your sights and sounds took me right back .... into those black-lit caverns of summers gone by!! This site is fantastic! P.S. - I have the molds and working Thingmaker - who's got the Plastigoop for my Fright Factory??

I rate your page as Best yet old chap, absolutley wizardprang.....


From: Gary Cramer
Great stuff! I only recently began collecting dark ride stuff, mostly postcards so far. The only one you don't already have posted is of the long-gone "Ghost Ship" at Kennywood, PA that might interest you. If I sent it as an Ofoto document, would you be able to use it? Just wondering.
I rate your page as EXCELLENT
I rate your page as 10
From: 'WAD2'
I rate your page as ****EXCELLENT****
I really enjoy your website. Hope it expands with more dark stuff. Do you have anything from the old "Laff in the Dark" (Harry Travers) rides? {I guess you're from North Carolina?}
From: Richard Barber
I rate your page as Excellent and very unique! 10 out of 10!
Comeover to Britian some time and make sure you visit Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Ghost Trains, Mine rides, Haunted Houses, Haunted Swings & River Caves! All in the dark!
From: Curtis M. Wong
I rate your page as a perfect 10!!!! Excellent!
What can I say?? This is a fantastic page, and you've done an excellent job!!! My all time favorite dark ride is the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and I've always been a fan of dark rides at various amusement parks. It was great to discover that there are others out there with such a sincere interest in dark rides as I have, I used to think I was nuts!!! Excellent pics, sounds, and info..Keep up the good work!!! I really loved seeing my favorite Disney attraction presented in such a great fashion, and I re-discovered dark rides from my childhood I didn't even know still existed!!! Please e-mail me sometime and let me know when the page is updated, etc. Excellent, most excellent!!
From: Salyn
I rate your page as excellent!
Not quite expecting what a Dark Ride was, images of pornos came to mind, but this was a fun page to visit. If you ever get this way, there is an excellent haunted house (real) on Salt Spring Island, no special effects, just lots of good stories. Thanks.
From: Christine Poss
I rate your page as Great!
I think that the sound effects are a neat idea but, what about maybe adding some Madame Leota?
From: Gustavo Rodriguez
I rate your page as 91/2 OUT OF TEN
This is a fascinating site. I didn't think that there was anyone else at all who was fascinated with "dark rides." To this day I love them and I loathe them. Some still creep me out (perhaps that's why I'm drawn to them). I am almost 25 years old and I'm still reluctant to go on the "Snow White's Scary Adventures" in the Disney theme parks. I get ragged on all the time for it but I think it's still one of the most scary things I've ever seen. I'll give you a full ten if you can add some decent photos of this ride to your site. Many of my dreams are influenced by my fascination with carnivals, amusement parks, wax museums, and dark rides and I'm sure your site will stir some more of those nocturnal thoughts.
P.S. The photos of the abandoned dark rides are fantastic! They are at once eerie and sad and beautiful. Great job.
From: stuart macdonald
I rate your page as fantastic!
I own the largest temp haunted house in Michigan. Please include pictures of my dark ride on your site. You can use photo's from my webpage.
From: Steve
I rate your page as The BEST in dark rides. EXCELLENT
I love dark rides alot. Next to my other love roller coasters. But this site is what i have been looking for years.Its hard to find imformation on darks rides.The ones in Wildwood are some of the great ones. I been on most of them and miss them alot. One i like the most is the golden nugget, before rethemed. I still ride it alot today. Your doing a great job and hope to see more later. Keep riding in the dark.
From: Humberto
I rate your page as Exciting
I have just bookmarked your page since I have only glanced at it now. It looks very well done and interesting. The Haunted Mansion at WDW is one of my favorite rides which I must do at least once a year!
From: Jim Hillman
I rate your page as Excellent
I rate your page as Only page on dark rides on the internet. a pioneer
Your page is cool to look at. I was suprised to see it . You are missing a few classic rides from the area since you are from here. The dorney park walk through mine shaft, mine shaft at wildwood, dracula's castle at wildwood, alfred hitchcocks haunted house wildwood(gone),Dr. blood's house of horrors wildwood sportland pier(still there not working) haunted house moreys pier wildwood(gone), haunted house great adventure(burned down killing 7), and the classic brigatine castle the most infamous of them all. I know some kid with the poster and that is a piece of history.
From: jbergeron
I rate your page as awesome!!
Loved the stuff!! Loved the Haunted Mansion pictures and was especially thrilled to see pictures of the old Spelunker ride at Six Flags. Have'nt seen pictures of that since I was a kid. Great Stuff,

Jeff Bergeron
From: Anthony
I rate your page as 100% great
I would like to see more old Pics from Wildwood The Best Dark Rides were there.
From: Lance
I rate your page as Love it!
Love hearing those sounds from the haunted mansion - I went thru it 10 times (30 min wait each) when I was at Disney World. Keep up the good site!
From: Louis Olivas
I rate your page as Excellent
i loved your homepage! please visit my site at
From: Jim Omohundro
I rate your page as Great!!!!!
awesome site! please visit mine at
I rate your page as GREAT!
I love the old dark rides of Wildwood. I collect poastcards and photos of old rides. Hunt's Pier (now called Dinoasure Beach still operates Golden Nugget Mine Ride) Sportland Pier (still open no rides opperating Dr. Bloods House of Horrors close), Fun Pier (still there now Wild Weels Pier), Marine Pier (now called Mariners Landing and operates The Drak River Ride), Surfside Pier(now called Morey's Pier and operates Dante's Inferno)
If you need any information about the New or old Wildwood Dark Rides you can E-mail me.
From: Batgirl
I rate your page as I give it 9.9 out of ten!
I really like your page & I think it's got an awesome collection of pictures. Were all of them taken by other people??
One of my friends lives there & he told me about this page. It's one of my favs.
I think it's one of the best on the web
From: Michelle
I rate your page as excellent!
I just love your web page! It's great that you have examples of the older dark rides. It's neat to compare them to the modern ones. Keep up the good work.
I rate your page as * * * * *
I work for one of the big piers in Wildwood and my favorite ride to operate is Dante's Infreno, which is a dark ride.

PS. i will try to e-mail you some pics of the ride this summer.
From: dan rozanski
I rate your page as 5 stars
cool page
i used to work at a park in oc,nj sometimes i'd collect tickets for Ghost Creek Caverns.....if i find some pix ill scan them
From: Eric Princz
I work in the amusement industry and have built/renivated a lot of darkrides and walk-thru's.
From: Bill Romjue
I rate your page as On a scale from one to ten: ten and a half! I LOVE IT!
Dear Chuck,
I thought at age 34, I would be the only one who would still be into this stuff! I enjoyed the photos of the House of Horrors in Warwick, R.I. I grew up there and seeing the fun house brings back fun memories! I am sad to learn of the park's closing. Thanks again for providing a very entertaining web site, I will visit here frequently!
Bill Romjue
From: Jacob
I go to Wildwood, NJ every year and I seen it on your page very cool.
From: G. Trievel
Good site with lots of nice photos. Keep up the good work.
I'm a dark ride collector/historian looking to get in touch with others interested in same. I'm looking to purchase dark ride props, catalogs and artifacts. Looking for any information leading to such as well as photos, etc.
From: jason
i thought i was the last person with an obsession of dark rides. nice i found your site, you have done a lot of hard work.
From: Alecia
On a scale of 1-10, w/ 10 as the highest: 10
I stumbled upon your page by accident and was overjoyed. It never occured to me that there would be people that loved the Haunted Mansion (and other dark rides) as much as I do. You have opened up a new world of information for me.
From: jim bello
Hope to see more photos of older dark rides, ever heard of one called 'TRIP TO HELL'?
You're still at a TEN AND A HALF!
Just thought I would visit again! We unfortunately don't have an Amusement Park but, we get alot of the traveling Carnivals here. I would just love to design a Dark Ride for these guys, the old single trailer walk-thru just don't do it any more. HAPPY HAUNTING !
From: Barbara Smith
A definite 10...
I grew up in Atlanta, so the pictures and sounds from both the Okefenokee ride and the Monster Plantation are a real nostalgia trip for me... Thanks so much...
From: Joe Pedigo
Found your page through 'Imagineers Online' (I'm a member myself). I design and build animatronics, special effects, and control systems for the amusement industry. Grew up in the Dallas area and went to Six Flags often. My favorite ride there was Spee-lunker's Cave (my friends hated going to the park with me because I wanted to ride it so much). It's probably my earliest inspiration for getting into this industry. Those few pics brought back alot of fond memories. Keep up the good work.